Kelly Anne McGrath

Hello, my name is Kelly.

I'm an artist living and working in the Hudson Valley of New York. While employed full time as an arts administrator for a small local arts business I maintain a studio space and practice in my home.

I have a fascination for the natural world and the nature of humanity. I translate these feelings through sculpted objects and use of the figure. I’m enamored with process and materials. Casting and mold making characterizes my desire to understand and explore organic objects through repetition. Working with the human form goes beyond cold observation of shape and structure. Life casting in particular gives me an outlet to learn, create and react with open consciousness to explore the human condition. Our identity as beings goes back to the corporeal reality of how we are built for this world. We come to terms with our humanity through realization that our struggle lies in a desire to be more than mortal and to overcome our inherent fragility.

Much of the work I create are masks and portraits. These memento mori, bring the viewer to that perceptible moment in which life separates and the body becomes a simple inert object. The use of the wax as a material is critical in demonstrating this change, I use it to convey the fragility and the temporary quality of the figure. The properties of wax allow the passing of light to move through the object’s allowing you to see the minute change on every surface, in a subtle semi translucent state carries an otherworldly presence. Wax is mutable being able to transform from solid to liquid and back again perpetually.

Please enjoy.